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Spur Gears - TW

High Quality Products

BEGE Spur Gears

All-round and high quality. We always have a large stock of spur gears. These gear wheels are characterized by a high degree of precision. In addition to the standard versions, different versions are also available.

Spur Gears: main features

Most common gears that transmit motion between two parallel shafts
No thrust force generated in the axial direction
Made with a high degree of precision
Available from stock and at short notice
In addition to the standard versions, many special versions are available
Frequent inspections to ensure that all products meet the most stringent requirements
Spur gears are supplied with a pressure angle of 20°

High Quality Engineering

  • Strict Material Selection
  • Standard Quality Control
  • High Efficiency Technology

Allround Applicable Solution

  • Worldwide Use & Applications
  • Wide-Ranging Functionality
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance

Fast Delivery from Stock

  • Improve your Inventory Management
  • Reliable & Quick Transportation
  • Enhance your Productivity

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Module1 - 5
Number of teeth12 - 127
Bore (mm)6 - 30
Stainless steel
Plastic (FDA approved)


Not available

Optional features

Other bore diameter



Other number of teeth

Surface treatment