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Helical - HG

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KHK HG Serie – Helical Gears

Compact and efficient. KHK helical gears are quiet and eminently suited to high-speed rotation. They are commonly employed in industrial tooling equipment, helical gear units and other industrial installations.

The screw shaped gears have a generous contact ratio. They produce little noise or vibration, while still transmitting high levels of power.

Helical Gears: features & benefits

High-precision helical gears for a smooth transmission
Thanks to the large contact ratio, a high torque can be transmitted
Extremely strong due to the thermally refined and induction hardened gear teeth
Abrasion-resistant and compact
Suitable for high speed applications
Reduced noise and vibration

High precision




Low noise level


Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Module1 - 3
Number of teeth15 - 100
Bore (mm)6 - 30
Stainless steel
Plastic (FDA approved)


Not available

Optional features

Other bore diameter



Other number of teeth

Surface treatment

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Repair & Maintenance

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