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Encoders & sensors

BEGE supplies robust sensors and precise encoders that optimize the efficiency and reliability of production processes.

Encoders & sensors

BEGE manufactures patented MIG encoders for ultra-precise positioning and feedback. In addition to encoders, we also supply sensors to optimize drive systems, prevent malfunctions and increase the efficiency of machines and production processes.

Both encoders and sensors form a fundamental part of machines and installations where precise control and monitoring are important. Encoders and sensors continuously collect data that can then be used to provide position feedback (encoders), and identify potential problems at an early stage so that preventive maintenance can be scheduled (sensors).

Product overview

We offer a range of magnetic flange encoders and sensors for machine builders looking for reliable and efficient drive feedback solutions. We also offer custom solutions and will gladly help you choose the variant that is right for your needs.

MIG encoders

Compact magnetic incremental and absolute encoders for ultra-precise positioning and feedback in industrial automation systems. Different variants including IEC, NEMA, stainless steel and for hydraulic motors.

  • Flange diameter (mm): 80 – 450
  • Impulses/rotation: 1 – 2048
  • Interface: HTL, TTL


Intelligent sensors for measuring and monitoring critical parameters in industrial drive systems. These sensors support predictive maintenance and ensure optimum performance and reliability.

  • Network: WiFi 2,4 GHz/5 GHz
  • Ambient temperature: -40 °C to 60 °C
  • Software: IOS / Android app

Custom drives with encoders and sensors

Customer-specific solutions

BEGE supplies customer-specific drives and controllers for a variety of applications. With our expertise and experience, we produce tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of our customers.
This means that new machines meet all requirements, and are optimized for precision and preventive maintenance. In addition, customization often ensures greater reliability, lower costs and easy interchangeability in case of replacement.

Want to know more about how BEGE can help your business with a custom encoder or sensor? Arrange an appointment with our engineers.


  • Integrated automation solutions
  • Choice of material
  • Encoder type (incremental, absolute) & pulse count
  • Interface and signal output
  • Protection rating up to IP69K
  • Electrical & mechanical problem detection
  • Engineering, installation & configuration support
  • Offsite monitoring

Sensors and encoders to optimize production processes

Sensors: measuring & monitoring

Sensors play a crucial role in drive systems where they are used to measure and monitor a range of parameters, such as position, speed, force, voltage, temperature, vibration and power consumption. This data is then used to optimize the performance of drive systems, prevent malfunctions and increase efficiency.

Encoders: precise positioning

Encoders ensure precise positioning and speed control for all types of drives, essential for the precise control and optimization of industrial machines and processes.

The sensors and encoders that BEGE offers are developed with a focus on reliability, accuracy and ease of use. They are designed to perform optimally in harsh industrial conditions and offer durability and precision.

The benefits of encoders & sensors

  • Accurate positioning for precise motion control
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance for the early detection of problems
  • Accurate speed measurement
  • Enhanced safety
  • Cost savings due to increased efficiency and reduced downtime
  • Consistent quality thanks to continuous monitoring and prompt correction of anomalies
  • Energy efficiency due to efficient control of motors and other drive components
  • Data analysis provides opportunities for process optimization and better decisions
  • Long service life and reduced costs of repair due to early detection of problems

Your reliable drive partner

We make life easier for industrial companies by creating, optimizing and maintaining high-quality drive systems

Encoders and sensors at BEGE

Superior quality

We manufacture and supply exclusively high quality encoders and sensors, which means we can guarantee a long service life, consistent performance, and efficient processes.


As a drive partner, we offer custom encoders and sensors that seamlessly meets the needs of machine builders and ensure optimum machine performance.

Large stock

We have a large, permanent stock of encoders in various designs and can deliver directly from our warehouse in the Netherlands.

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The magnetic encoders and sensors we supply are rugged, compact and accurate, and contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of production processes. Customer-specific custom options are also possible.