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BEGE MIG® flange encoders

Magnetic incremental and absolute encoders for precise positioning in industrial automation systems.

BEGE MIG encoders

The BEGE MIG® encoder is a magnetic rotary encoder with extremely high signal quality and high-quality processing. MIG is compatible with almost all controls and is ideally suited for optimizing existing drives. Our patented flange encoders fit any machine.

BEGE MIG encoder: the magnetic flange encoder that combines ultra-precision and compactness.

Ultra-precise and compact encoders

Do you want to make your machine more efficient? Are you considering an encoder, but have no room in your drive? Are you dissatisfied with your current encoder and fed up with its inaccurate feedback? Or do you find your drive’s reliability inadequate?

BEGE Power Transmission offers equipment manufacturers the solution. As producer of the BEGE MIG rotary encoder, we offer a flange encoder that is ultra-precise, and compact too.

Better protection
Faster installation
Increased accuracy
More compact
Less material
Higher yield

The 4 key benefits of the BEGE MIG encoder

1. Fits always

Because the BEGE MIG encoder is integrated between the motor and the gearbox, no motor adjustments such as an extended fan cover or NDE shaft are required. The encoder is compatible with all common IEC and NEMA electric motor and gearbox brands, such as STARK, Siemens, ABB, SEW, Nord, WEG, HEW, Bonfiglioli and Techtop.

2. Incredibly compact

Machines and drive systems using the BEGE MIG barely increase in length. The encoder adds 7 to max. 15 mm to the total length.

3. IP67 protection

Due to the assembly between motor and gear unit, our encoder is completely protected from dirt, dust, corrosion and liquids. Even during high pressure cleaning.

4. Robust and shockproof

The use of a vulcanised magnet ring makes the encoder sturdy and shockproof.

High-performance encoders

This compact, dust-proof and fully shock and water-resistant flange encoder fits in environments where hygiene is very important. The combination of all its features makes the MIG incremental encoder the perfect solution for when precision counts.

Revolutionary and robust

What makes the BEGE MIG® encoder innovative is the use of a flange in combination with a synthetic ring magnet. An encoder usually has a ferrite ring magnet, a ceramic material that is brittle and therefore fragile.

In contrast to other types of encoders , the BEGE MIG encoder has a robust ring magnet made of vulcanized plastic. This encoder is easy to mount and thanks to its shock resistance, it doesn’t break during installation or during the process.

Compact and accurate

Standard encoders are very precise but vulnerable in an industrial environment, since they can’t be integrated between the motor and the gearbox. Encoders that are suitable for intermediate installation, however, do not offer high precision.

The BEGE MIG encoder combines the best of both worlds. The encoder is compact because it is built in as a flange between the electric motor and gearbox. And it also offers very high precision. While similar encoders typically run up to 50 pulses, the BEGE MIG encoder runs up to 2,048 pulses. This makes the BEGE encoder forty times as precise.

Customer specific

BEGE provides customer-specific solutions. We ensure that the drive systems we deliver seamlessly connect to our client’s business processes.

One example is our stainless steel MIG encoder.
As a result of increasingly stringent legislation, organizations in the food industry must meet strict requirements. Regardless of whether a drive unit comes into contact with food or not. BEGE worked with machine builders and other companies operating in this sector to develop a MIG encoder in stainless steel.

Integrated drive systems

Along with supplying individual drive components for machine builders, we engineer complete systems for seamless integration into any automation environment.

Thanks to our experience, expertise and continuous innovation, we are able to combine all components perfectly into an integrated drive system. And because there is just one contact partner, everything remains straightforward and can be changed quickly.

Customer-specific encoders for any application

We develop and manufacture customer-specific drives in which MIG encoders are frequently integrated. Below we describe some applications. Tick a tile to read the solution.

Filling bottles without foaming

Beverages & bottling

Filling bottles without foaming

Request: Accurately position the bottle tips in a bottle filling machine to reduce foaming.
Solution: To fill carbonated beverages exactly at the right angle, we position the bottle mouth with a worm gear motor driven by a MIG encoder.

Controlling the speed of pipe rail cars

Crop care

Controlling the speed of pipe rail cars

Request: Adjusting height and travel speed for tubular rail cars during crop care at height.
Solution: With PLC software, height and speed can be easily and safely coordinated. The MIG encoder provides accurate feedback on the position and height of the carriage and blocks unwanted acceleration.

Efficient hermetic packaging in foil

Food packaging

Efficient hermetic packaging in foil

Request: Efficiently wrapping delicate products such as wraps, cheese and pancakes hermetically in plastic or foil.
Solution: An efficient drive unit for hygienic filling and capping machines. The MIG encoder-controlled control system of the foil track ensures an accurate bag length to avoid waste.

Frequency regulation for spice supply

Food bulk

Frequency regulation for spice supply

Request: Proper feeding of herbs and powders for big bags or plastic-sealed cardboard boxes.
Solution: Stainless steel driven feeders with frequency control. The packaging is automatically positioned in the correct filling location by the PLC based on MIG encoder feedback.

MIG for mobile crane positioning

Ports & cargo transfer

MIG for mobile crane positioning

Request: Set-up of mobile harbor cranes for sea container transfer from ship to land.
Solution: Feedback from the MIG encoder positions the crane accurately. The safety system ensures that the container can only be lifted when the crane is in exactly the right position.

BEGE & Ströter

As a consequence of the takeover of Ströter Antriebstechnik by BEGE, we have been the manufacturer of the MIG encoder since 2015. This makes us flexible in terms of delivery times and adjustments.

Innovative further development

Innovation has always played a very important role at Ströter. They have been ahead of their time since the moment they were founded. We’ve continued the innovation trend even after the acquisition of Ströter in 2015. Among other advances, this has included further development of the flange encoder. Thanks to continuous optimization, the MIG has become even more compact and is now available in three different versions.

Next generation MIG encoders

Our engineers work on innovative solutions to optimize our encoders. With our own engineering lab, test facilities and workshop, we design and develop the next generation of MIG encoders.

BEGE MIG encoders: The different models

Our product portfolio consists of six different MIG encoders.


Incremental encoders

This compact, dust-proof and fully shock and water-resistant flange encoder fits in environments where hygiene is very important. The combination of all features makes the MIG BASIC encoder the right solution for when precision counts.


Incremental encoder.

The incremental encoder that started it all. This compact, dust-proof and fully shock and water-resistant flange encoder fits in environments where hygiene is very important.

Up to 2,048 pulses, available in IEC frame sizes up to 225 and with flange diameters up to 450 mm.


Absoluut encoder.

Thanks to its memory, this encoder knows the correct position immediately when the machine is switched on again, for example after a power failure. The combination of all its features makes the MIG absolute encoder the right solution for when precision counts.

BEGE MIG Stainless Steel

Stainless steel encoder.

This compact and water-resistant flange encoder is specially designed for applications in hygienic or corrosive environments such as food production and the marine industry.


Encoder for hydraulic motors.

This compact and dust-proof flange encoder is specially tailored for flange dimensions of (Danfoss) hydraulic motors.


Encoder for North America.

The patented NEMA flange encoder for ultra-precise positioning for North American machine manufacturers.

Download the MIG info sheet

Want to read more about BEGE MIG encoders? Or do you want to share information with your company’s purchaser, engineer or director? Download the MIG encoder info sheet (PDF).

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