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Electric motors

BEGE delivers high-quality electric motors that drive machines with power and efficiency. Standard versions and custom options. View our products.

Electric motors

BEGE is known as a leading distributor of electric motors and forced cooling. In addition to our standard products, we offer tailor-made motors adapted to specific customer needs.

A range of machines and installations include an electric motor as an essential component. They convert electrical energy into mechanical force, enabling efficient movement with improved control over speed and torque. Our motors deliver consistent performance in a variety of industries because they are powerful, robust and shock-resistant. We offer an extensive range of electric motors and external cooling systems.

Electric motors product overview

Our range of motors covers several categories: Stainless steel electric motors, vibration motors, three-phase AC motors and we also provide forced cooling. We also offer various designs, options and customized models. We would be happy to assist you in finding the right model for your needs.

Stainless steel electric motors

Hygienic and economical. IE3 & IE4 stainless steel motors are highly efficient, durable and food safe. They are suitable for a variety of applications and feature a completely smooth, AISI 304/316 stainless steel housing and IP69K certification.

  • Power: 0,18 – 22 kW / 1/4 – 30 HP
  • Size: IEC63 – 200 / 56C – 286TC
  • Speed (rpm): 3000, 1500, 1000, 750

3-phase AC motors

Powerful and reliable. These versatile three-phase motors can be seamlessly integrated with gear units and flange encoders to form a complete (custom) drive system. Available in various configurations, 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-pole, in aluminum and cast iron.

  • Power: 0,12 – 315 kW
  • Size: IEC55 – 355
  • Speed (rpm): 3000, 1500, 1000, 750

Vibration motors

Robust all-rounders. Venanzetti industrial vibration motors are known for their power and versatility in industrial shaking and vibration processes. They are available in four different versions: standard, mini, ATEX and CSA.

  • Power: 0,024 – 18,3 kW / 0,18 – 7,0 HP
  • Centrifugal force: 39 – 245.000 N
  • Speed (rpm): 750 – 3600

Forced ventilation

High quality and compact. STARK forced ventilation promotes heat dissipation through external cooling. We offer two different series, both optimized for motor performance and reliable operation. And compatible with all motor types and brands.

  • Airflow capacity (m³/h) : 8,000 – 9,200
  • Size: IEC63 – 560
  • Speed (rpm): 2800 2-pole / 1400 4-pole

ATEX motors

Explosion-proof and robust. These motors are designed for use in explosive atmospheres and comply with ATEX guidelines. They ensure machine safety and worker health in zones 1 and 2 of area II and are corrosion resistant.

  • Power: 0,18 – 200
  • Size: IEC71 – 315
  • Speed (rpm): 3000, 1500, 1000, 750

Customized electric motors

Customer-specific solutions

BEGE supplies customer-specific drives for a variety of applications. With our expertise and experience, we produce tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of our customers.

This means that new machines meet all requirements, and customization often ensures greater reliability, lower costs and easy interchangeability in case of replacement.

Want to know more about how BEGE can help your business with a custom electric motor? Arrange a telephone appointment with our engineers.

Options and possibilities for electric motors

  • Motors: different voltages/frequencies, insulation class H and windings for tropical environments.
  • Mechanical adjustments: special flanges, shaft ends and two free shaft ends (both NDE and DE).
  • Functional additions: electronic brakes and encoders.
  • Protection: forced cooling, temperature monitoring and standstill heating.
  • Installation flexibility: different cooling types (IC410, IC416, IC418), terminal box positions and other colors or coatings.
  • Accessories and sensors: brakes, forced cooling, MIG encoders, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, motor protection switches, etc.

Electric motors for continuity

An electric motor as a power source

An electric motor is essential for driving a wide range of industrial machines.

BEGE’s electric motors have been developed with a focus on high efficiency, low operating costs and a high level of adaptability to operational requirements. Designed to perform optimally in harsh industrial conditions, these motors offer durability and precision.

How do we do this?

The core of an electric motor is the rotor, which rotates within a magnetic field created by the stator. This interaction between electricity and magnetism creates the rotation that delivers power. Depending on the application, different motor types can be used.

The advantages of an electric motor

  • Efficient energy conversion
  • Reliable and durable performance under various conditions
  • Compact design saves space in complex systems
  • Precise speed control for critical applications in combination with frequency inverters and encoders
  • Lower operating costs thanks to reduced energy consumption
  • Versatile solution for various industrial applications
  • Low maintenance, resulting in lower costs of ownership
  • Environmentally friendly due to lower energy consumption and emissions

Your reliable drive partner

We make life easier for industrial companies by creating, optimizing and maintaining high-quality drive systems

Electric motors at BEGE

High quality

By supplying only high-quality motors from reliable brands, we guarantee a long service life, consistent performance, and very high process efficiency.


As a driver partner, we offer effective customization that seamlessly meets the needs of machine builders and ensures optimum machine performance.

Large stock

We have a large and stable stock of electric motors and fans in various designs and can deliver directly from our warehouse in the Netherlands.

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Our motors are powerful and efficient. Available in a wide range of designs. Customer-specific custom options are also possible.