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BEGE Gear Racks

All-round and fast delivery. We carry a large stock of gear racks. These are characterized by a simple structure, high stiffness, small and lightweight with excellent responsiveness.

In addition to the standard versions, different versions are also available. These racks are successfully used in lifting mechanisms, horizontal movement, stoppers and to enable the synchronous movement of multiple axes in general industrial machines.

Gear Racks: features & benefits

Round and square gear racks in steel, stainless steel or plastic
Square gear racks are supplied with a pressure angle of 20°
Special versions on request
Simple structure, high rigidity, small and lightweight with excellent responsiveness
Used for lifting mechanisms, horizontal movement and stoppers
Available from stock and at short notice

Large stock

Long service life



Various materials

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Module0,5 - 5
Pitch height7,5 - 45
Stainless steel



Optional features

Other executions on request

Inquire availability

Repair & Maintenance

Is a current component or drive system in need of maintenance or repair? BEGE has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of drives and systems. We guarantee a rapid resumption of operational procedures.

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