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Powder processing AODD pumps - PA

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BSK BSK PA series – Powder processing air operated double diaphragm pumps

The PA-series stands out as the go-to solution for efficiently transporting powder products across diverse industries. Specifically designed for applications in semiconductor manufacturing, fine chemical engineering, nano-materials and the food and medicine sectors, these AODD powder processing pumps handle a variety of substances—from Silicon Carbide and Titanium Dioxide to starch and protein powder.

Featuring a design that ensures easy operation with a one-key reset, the pumps offer higher efficiency compared to conventional powder-moving methods. Capable of handling high bulk density powders up to 1200kg/m^3, the PA series excels in the quick and efficient transportation of bulk powders. Constructed with materials like Stainless Steel and Aluminium Alloy and with connection options for hose or flanged systems, these pumps present a versatile and reliable solution for powder applications.

Powder processing air operated double diaphragm pumps: features & benefits

High energy efficiency
High bulk density powder handling
Pneumatic transport (avoiding heated material and static spark)
Closed pipe transportation
Versatile material compatibility
One-key reset
Hose or flanged connections

Easy operation

Powder pump


Bulk materials

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

FlowUp to 10.1 t/h
HeadUp to 30m
Ambient temperature???
PressureUp to 6.9 bar


I/O diameter63 mm
89 mm
Body materialStainless Steel
Aluminium Alloy

Optional features

Not available

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