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Food-safe AODD pumps - FD

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BSK BSK FD series – Food-safe air operated double diaphragm pumps

The FD-series, crafted from polished FDA 316SS Ra0.8 stainless steel, defines excellence in food-safe AODD pumps. With a flow capacity of up to 54m³/h and system pressure capabilities reaching 8.3bar, these pumps are tailored for optimal performance in sanitary environments. The design incorporates self-emptying flow channels, ensuring easy draining and cleaning. Tri-clamps facilitate swift tear-down and reassembly for thorough cleaning operations.

For enhanced versatility, an optional flap valve is available, accommodating various materials. These self-priming pumps excel at handling fluids with suspended solids up to 12.5mm (ball valve) or 50mm (flap valve).

Food-safe air operated double diaphragm pumps: features & benefits

Sanitary stainless steel
Self-emptying channels
Quick tear-down (tri-clamps)
Optional flap valve
Solids handling
High-temperature capability
Versatile material compatibility

Sanitation grade stainless steel



12,5 mm solids

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

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Optional features

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