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Standard AODD pumps - BA

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BSK BSK BA series – Standard air operated double diaphragm pumps

The BA-serie is engineered for demanding applications, featuring a robust 3" inlet/outlet port and an aluminium body air motor for enhanced working pressure and performance. With an impressive flow capacity of up to 54m³/h and a system pressure capability of 8.3bar, these AODD pumps deliver reliable results. Crafted from durable materials like Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron, they ensure resilience in diverse industrial settings.

Customizable with various materials for the ball, seat, diaphragm and O-ring, these versatile pumps offer adaptability. With self-priming capability and the ability to handle fluids with suspended solids up to 9mm, the BA80 3" series stands as a versatile and efficient pumping solution.

Standard air operated double diaphragm pumps: features & benefits

Versatile and efficient
3" inlet/outlet port
Corrosion-resistant surface coating
Exhaust chamber with silencer
Unique air chamber design with lower air consumption and operating costs
Universal modular component design





Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

FlowUp to 54m³/h
HeadUp to 84.7m
Ambient temperatureUp to 107.2 °C
PressureUp to 8.3 bar


I/O diameter25.4 mm
38.1 mm
50.8 mm
72.6 mm
Body materialPolypropylene
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Aluminium Alloy
Explosion proofATEX

Optional features

Not available

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