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Sustainable food-grade drives

Engineering of complete drive solutions that result in sustainable and efficient agri-food installations for maximum continuity.

Partner in drives for sustainable food production

There is a growing demand for sustainable foods that are nutritious, healthy and easy to prepare.
Consumers increasingly insist on sustainably produced food products. At the same time, food brands, manufacturers and other agri-food companies are eager to deliver products that are better for the planet.

Knowledge partner for the agri-food sector

As a result of this trend, sustainability is an increasingly important factor in the agri-food sector. As a knowledge partner, BEGE is involved in making the food industry more sustainable in terms of drive technology. This is reflected in the support we offer machine builders wishing to optimize their food production and processing machines.

We brainstorm with and advise our customers on engineering food-safe machines as efficiently as possible, with a focus on less wasted food, energy and time.

Sustainable drive solutions

The drive solutions we develop are widely used in machines that prepare, separate, process, preserve, cool, pack and freeze many different food products sustainably. These food products range from bread, fruit, vegetables, poultry and candy to meats, oils, fats and seafood.

In an environment where production processes are becoming increasingly high-tech and more customer-specific, we deliver innovative drive systems that result in significantly lower operating costs, while also guaranteeing high reliability.

Sustainable food-grade drives

As a knowledge partner, BEGE supports machine builders with durable, tailor-made drive solutions for the agri-food industry.

Reducing food, energy and time waste

We can understand that machine builders for industrial food production are seeking the best drives to ensure that their installations are sustainable too. We have prepared a number of tips to make machines more sustainable, divided into the factors food, energy and time.


Whether or not a drive comes into contact with food, increasingly stringent legislation means that agri-food organizations must meet strict requirements. BEGE brainstorms with machine builders and other companies operating in this industry, providing smart, food-safe, customized drive solutions.

The stainless steel drive components we use are manufactured in compliance with strict international quality and hygiene standards. This minimizes the risk of bacteria and contamination and helps prevent product recalls and food waste.

Our drives’ design minimizes their environmental footprint. By using more efficient, accurate components, we contribute to reduced food waste during cutting, mixing, sorting and packaging. Recently, one of our end customers managed to significantly reduce waste thanks to the implementation of a BEGE MIG encoder in a filling machine.



Implementing a hypoid drive in a machine instead of a worm gear drive can increase the efficiency by approximately 20 percent. It also has other interesting benefits; multiply the operating hours by the power consumption and €/kWh to discern the hypoid drive’s rapid payback time, making this a financially attractive option.

To ensure that the drive can provide sufficient torque, machine builders often over-dimension the installation, resulting in unnecessary expense. Our engineers consider every individual situation, carefully examining which forces are required at which points. We recommend the most efficient solution to eliminate the need for over-dimensioning and ensure optimal lifetime and performance, which in turn reduces energy costs.

The choice of a drive that meets IE standards helps keep the energy costs as low as possible. As energy prices continue to rise, it may be more advantageous to replace certain pollutant parts with more efficient options, thus upgrading the fleet. An example is the implementation of an IE3 premium or IE4 super premium efficiency class electric motor. The purchase has a relatively fast payback time due to much lower energy costs compared to, for instance, an IE2 motor.


In selecting the right drive, it is important to consider the load. The size of the load depends on the nature of the load, the number of operating hours and switches per hour, as well as the radial and axial forces, among other things.

Longer life results in lower costs and reduced environmental impact. BEGE incorporates only high-quality components. This guarantees reliability, even at those times when the plant is running at full capacity and breakdowns are to be avoided at all costs.

Another important element in saving time is insight into the performance. Connecting a sensor to an electric motor or gearbox allows for predictive maintenance.

An example of such a sensor is the Bosch SCD. With built-in sensors for vibration, tilt, shock, temperature and magnetic fields, this sensor device provides the right insights to determine optimal moments for oil changes, bearing replacement, etc.

The use of this Industry 4.0 solution is also a sustainable option from a societal point of view, as good maintenance has a lower impact on the environment than the (premature) purchase of a new part.

High-performance stainless steel drives

Years of experience, customer feedback and the continuous optimization and development of our drives ensure that agri-food machine builders always have access to the most advanced stainless steel drive available.

With our very broad stainless steel range, we can take the customer’s specific situation into account. We create stainless steel drives for applications subject to the strictest hygiene standards, without compromising on quality, reliability or performance. These drives are often installed in installations in environments with excessive humidity and frequent cleaning cycles.

We also supply stainless steel drives for situations where they needn’t withstand harsh conditions or high-pressure cleaning, but must still meet food safety requirements. These more basic drives are, for example, placed in bakery conveyor belts.

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Industry-specific drives

BEGE combines expertise in drive technology with specific industry knowledge. The result is a fully integrated, customer-specific drive system that increases the competitive advantage of our customers’ production facilities, including those in the food,  agricultural and horticulture sectors.

We have the answer to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s desires in industrial production.

Engineering & customization

For 70 years, BEGE has been providing advice, guidance and customized innovative drive technology solutions. We ensure that the drive systems we supply are a seamless fit for the client’s business processes.

Our advice is always independent, as we are not bound to one supplier. We combine components from various quality suppliers to arrive at an appropriate drive system.

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