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TU Delft makes use of materials from BEGE for two innovative projects

BEGE sponsors innovative students

Innovation is high on BEGE’s list of priorities, so when two student groups approached us to sponsor their projects, we were very interested. BEGE supplies the high-quality KHK gears that Talaria and Driverless now use.


Talaria is a team of 33 students from various faculties at the Delft University of Technology. Talaria’s mission is to design and build an electric, ultra-compact and low-noise personal aircraft that can take off and land vertically in urban areas. Interested in following or sponsoring the Talaria project? Click here.


Driverless is a collaboration between the Formula Student Team Delft and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in which a previously designed and built electric racing car will be converted into a fully autonomous racing car this year. The steering has to be capable of being driven by a signal from the computer. Curious about how this process is progressing or would you like to make a contribution? Click here.

Why do these projects fit in with BEGE’s mission and vision?

At BEGE, we focus on innovation with an open mind to the future. We are constantly working on market-oriented process innovations that allow our components to be perfectly combined to form intelligent drive systems.

Thanks to our industry-oriented approach and specialized national and international suppliers, we make innovative developments accessible to Dutch companies, universities and start-ups.

Selecting the right gears calls for technical knowledge. A gear drawing is an essential part of the design process, regardless of whether the mechanical engineer designs the gear himself or uses a standard design.

BEGE offers full support throughout the entire design process. You will benefit from our wide range of components and intelligent drive systems, as well as our specialist technical expertise:

  • Accurate calculation of gear strengths and dimensions;
  • Gear types;
  • Gear ratios and directions of rotation;
  • Teeth shapes and teeth thicknesses;
  • Geometric tolerances and gear clearance;
  • Precision ISO and ANSI classes;
  • Materials and heat treatment;
  • Lubrication in applications;
  • Reducing problems related to noise and fracture.

By sponsoring the students of TU Delft, we are contributing to stimulating the next generation to challenge themselves and to create beautiful, innovative developments. Interested in finding out which of our innovative solutions are right for your business? Feel free to contact us.