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Sustainability & BEGE

BEGE contributes to sustainability by installing solar panels.

In the list of 28 EU countries showing the European climate targets for 2020, the Netherlands is now in fourth-from last place. Drive systems are responsible for 70% of industrial energy consumption worldwide. This is equivalent to 32.5 TWh (billion kWh) and 3.2 billion euro of purchasing value! These are shocking statistics.

A great deal of energy saving is possible with the current techniques and by compliance with the statutory requirements, but very little is happening in the Netherlands.

BEGE made its first contribution to this by having 170 solar panels installed on the roof of our office in Sassenheim in July 2018. By doing this, we have saved 16,000 kg of CO2 emissions in a six-month period; that is equivalent to planting 54 trees. Additional steps are necessary, however, if we are to realize the 20 to 30% energy saving that is feasible according to experts.

For machine constructors, this is possible, for example, by integrating an electric motor of the super-premium efficiency class (IE4). But above all, by examining the complete drive system in detail: from the gearbox to the electric motors and the frequency control, and everything in between.

What can BEGE do for your company in terms of sustainability?



  • Professional and personal advice about energy consumption, energy-efficient products and regulations
  • Reduced errors and wastage through high-precision automation
  • Improved continuity through fast service in case of problems or malfunctions
  • Reliability thanks to proven technologies with a long service life and low maintenance


Are you interested in the possibilities for sustainability in your drives? Then contact us!