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Rubber Suspension Units - VIB-RS

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Tecnidea VIB-RS Serie – Rubber Suspension Units

Resistant and universal. The rubber suspension units are mechanical components that exploit the elastic deformation of four cylinders made of natural rubber and lodged inside the hollows which result when two elements with square section are turned 45° one to the other.

The VIB-RS serie can contribute to various applications such as springs, shock absorbers, decelerators, oscillating supports or anti-vibrating supports. Besides, they operate in a wide range of temperatures varying from -40°C to +80°C.

Optimize your production process under all environmental conditions, with our Rubber Suspension Units that are impervious to dirt and highly resistant to both water and sun rays.

Rubber Suspension Units: features & benefits

Replaces the traditional executions with springs and counterweights
Absorbs vibrating solicitations
Amplifies the spreading out of the waves
Moves products without the use of mechanical shifting parts
Works under any environmental condition
Suitable for all material feeding or discharging systems
Widely accepted in many industrial areas



Absorbs vibrations

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Body materialSteel
Cast iron
Component materialSteel inner square section tube
Aluminium inner square section tube
TreatmentsOven-painted external body
Galvanized inner tube
Sandblasted inner square


TypeRubber suspension units

Optional features

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