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Antivibration Mounts - VIB-AV

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Tecnidea VIB-AV Serie – Antivibration Mounts

Anti-vibration and shockabsorber. These antivibration mounts absorb vibrations from machines, while also excellently isolating the installation (like a measuring device) from surrounding vibrations.

Optimize your production process with the antivibration mounts that take advantage of the elastic deformation of the natural rubber inserts.

Antivibration Mounts: features & benefits

Shock absorber for compressors
Measuring instrument insulation
Suspension for cleaning machines
Guides for conveyors
Suspension for cooling compressors




Shock absorber

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Body materialAluminium
Cast iron
Component materialSteel brackets
Aluminium internal square
Galvanized bolts and nuts


TypeAntivibration mounts

Optional features

Not available

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Repair & Maintenance

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