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Automatic Axial - TEN BLOC

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Tecnidea TEN BLOC Serie – Automatic Chain or Belt Axial Tighteners

Maintenance-free and modular automatic axial chain or belt tighteners. These tensioners consist of a steel column thrusted by a mechanical spring connected to a die-cast aluminium box-shaped body. The column slides inside a bronze ring lodged inside the body.

TEN BLOC can be provided with a preloading system (TB), with a one-directional system (TBB) or with an anti-rotation system (TBA). The entire product range makes it possible to perform special executions such as elements with double slide guide (TBCU) or elements for pulling action (TBt).

Automatic Axial Chain Tensioners: features & benefits

Maintenance-free tensioning of belts or chains
Designed for the widest market needs
Possible to mount different types of interface kits
Special executions such as elements with double slide guide (TBCU)
User-defined product to suit individual needs
Modular: one column-one spring, two screws for the fixing and a strong structure
Low and high generated loads, fixed or rotating load


Shock absorbing

Manual tightener


Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Body materialAluminium
Component materialBrass brushing
Steel column, caps, cylinders, screws and spring
TreatmentsSandblasted aluminium
Galvanized steel
Greased raw spring
Operating temperature


TypeElastic spring elements
With pre-loading system
Fixed elements

Optional features

Travel-end switch

Polyethylene sliding block

Polyethylene wheelset on the fork

Sprocket made of steel

Rollerset in steel

Rollerset in polyamide


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