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Industrial Automation

Drive and control technology from the same source. Smart automation solutions that make industrial production more efficient.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

BEGE specializes in controlling and driving industrial machines. As a reliable partner, we help machine builders and end users engineer and optimize their production processes.

Efficient machines and processes

Industrial automation involves automating processes using machines and software to increase efficiency and effectiveness. By optimizing processes, we enable our customers to increase their productivity and improve quality. Industrial automation also makes processes much more flexible, enabling a faster response to changes in the market.

BEGE proactively addresses drive and control issues and supports the entire process of automating industrial processes and machines – from concept, design and prototype to installation, assembly and commissioning of the machine.

By involving BEGE early on in the thought process, our customers benefit from specialized custom solutions that perfectly match their specific situation. We engineer smart, high-performance solutions that make industrial production more efficient. Our drive and automation systems ensure a reliable machine with optimal performance.

One powerful partner

Comprehensive solution

Whether for a new production process or improvement of an existing process, BEGE offers integrated automation solutions.

Drive and Control

BEGE has been active in drive and control technology for 70 years. We have years of experience in supplying technical components and comprehensive solutions to machine builders in domestic and international markets.

Based on the needed scope of process automation and the required precision and speed, our engineers develop the most suitable automation system. We not only consider the drive concept, but also the hardware and software required to control the machine.


BEGE is not only a manufacturer of high-quality drive components such as gearboxes, gear motors and encoders. We are also proud to be a distributor of several renowned brands, including ATEK, LS Electric and LAT Drum motors.

We provide specialist customization at the component level. This means that we select or modify the right version of a particular component so it fits perfectly in the machine. We intelligently combine and innovate existing technologies to improve the industrial automation process.


BEGE combines expertise in drive and control technology with specific industry knowledge. We offer solutions for virtually all drive and control issues – from simple gear motors to high-end drive and control systems for complex machines.

Advanced methods enable us to engineer integrated drives whose components fit together seamlessly. The result is a fully integrated custom drive system that increases the competitive advantage of our customers’ production facility in numerous industries.

Your reliable automation partner

We support industrial companies by creating, optimizing and maintaining high-quality automation solutions.


We know the specific challenges faced by OEMs in various industries and the importance of high quality, profitability and performance of machines. Our software engineers have many years of experience in designing and engineering custom solutions for drive and control issues.

Collaborating with our engineers

In a co-engineering project, we are involved right from the start of the process. We are one of the few suppliers on the market that works closely with our customers’ professionals. We regularly form part of a multidisciplinary team to jointly develop a smart and efficient concept.

By using our extensive technical knowledge at an early stage, customers gain insight into what is possible and not possible. This saves time and money during the rest of the process.

In co-engineering, we work together to deliver an integrated drive and control solution within the set objectives and schedule. We strive for close cooperation on an equal basis with the machine builder or end customer.

Custom solutions for machine builders

We understand that complex technical issues require targeted solutions. As a specialist, we develop custom automation systems. In cooperation with the machine builder, we calculate and analyze prototypes or additions to existing installations.

The different aspects of our expertise come together in the development of drives, controls and custom machine building. Co-engineering provides the required technical knowledge, experience and craftsmanship and leads to innovative custom solutions tailored to specific industry or customer requirements.

We know the answers to the technical challenges our customers are struggling with. The smart solutions we devise are perfectly in line with the requirements package and are developed in accordance with the applicable standards.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Learn how your machine can benefit from a control solution ready for Industry 4.0.


BEGE strives to improve and simplify processes. With our structured and committed approach, we co-engineer the best solution together – whether optimizing an existing machine or developing a completely new system. We do this according to the pragmatic and result-oriented BEGE roadmap.

1  Creating the concept design

We translate business goals, customer needs and industry requirements into an integrated concept design. We examine the function and application of the machine in detail. We determine how the machine will improve the process, what efficiency can be expected, and what safety and quality requirements we are faced with.

2  Drafting the automation plan

We draw up the automation plan. We advise on consistent and reliable drive and control systems. We select the right drive and control components and make sure that all components can communicate with each other without any problems. We analyze the challenges of the various machine tasks and make critical factors clear. We integrate engineering, automation and IT and provide support with our expertise.

3  Design and implementation

In this phase, we write the necessary software and design the custom drives. We make 3D drawings and perform analyses using our vast knowledge of materials. The components are now ready for implementation in the machine design.

4  Prototype

We then build a first prototype of the automation solution. With this prototype we simulate various scenarios and test whether the solution meets the desired functionality and requirements. Where necessary, we optimize components and processes to achieve the best machine. When all elements of the automation solution work properly, it is placed in the machine and put into operation. To avoid problems during commissioning, we offer intensive monitoring and support.

5  Series production

Larger machine builders often make dozens of machines a year. Once the prototype automation solution is installed in the machine and meets the desired requirements, we use the prototype as the basis for series production. As a partner of machine builders, BEGE understands the importance of continuity. That’s why we ensure consistent quality and sound service to quickly achieve series production.

6  Support

If necessary, our engineers guide the customer through the various steps of the process and ensure a smooth handover. We remain involved even after commissioning: we provide support for correct use of the hardware and software, and we remedy any problems. On request, we can train the operating staff.

Our Expertise

  • Your partner for drive and control technology
  • Manufacturer of high-quality drive components
  • Integrated automation systems
  • Custom solutions
  • Excellent support
  • Automation partner with years of experience
  • Expert advice on machine design
  • Optimization of the automation concept
  • Flexible organization with short paths
  • Representative of reputable brands
  • Comprehensive distributor network
  • Reliable, advanced technologies

Customer Benefits

  • Complete automation solutions
  • Large stock and short delivery times
  • Seamless interconnection
  • Tailored to customer and industry requirements
  • Optimal control over automation
  • Reliable automation systems
  • Efficient production processes
  • Increased production capacity
  • Personal approach and strong commitment
  • Broad and stable product portfolio
  • Global availability and fast delivery
  • Cost efficient
  • Increased competitiveness
  • More efficient production processes with consistent quality
  • Greater control and adaptation of the production process
  • Good process completion
  • Excellent information accuracy
  • Reduced load on internal planning and design department
  • Safer environment for operators and other employees

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