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Case study

Van den Top Mechanical Engineering

From supplier of aluminium motors to integrated drive partner

Van den Top Mechanical Engineering has been successfully serving the market for mushroom harvesters and mushroom harvesting systems for many years. These machines require compact, lightweight parts, as space is limited.

Background & Assignment

The previous supplier stopped producing the aluminum motors that Van den Top employed in their machines. Van den Top was looking for another supplier who could deliver these products quickly and also offer continuity.

Van den Top’s assignment to BEGE was to supply a replacement aluminium motor and to adapt the Ströter drives in such a way that the Van den Top machines could maintain optimum performance.

“With the expertise that BEGE has in the field of drive and control technology, they are able to support machine builders like us in both the further development and optimisation of machines and equipment.”

Henk van den Top – CEO Van den Top Mechanical Engineering


As a knowledge partner, BEGE is involved in making the food industry more sustainable in terms of drive technology. This is reflected in the support we offer machine builders wishing to optimize their food production and processing machines.

On site at Van den Top, BEGE mapped out the requirements for the drive system. This analysis showed, among other things, that weight and compactness were very important.

Our engineers then selected the right components to meet these specifications. Thanks to our large stock, we were able to complete this project in a relatively short period of time.

Working method

  • Defining objectives
  • Mapping specifications
  • Engineering services to optimize the entire construction
  • Selection of appropriate drive components
  • Prompt delivery of components from stock
  • Close involvement in future projects


Thanks to BEGE components, Van den Top is able to build powerful and innovative machines for the manufacturing of machinery.

The summarized results:

  • Rapid replacement of former supplier and implementation of a suitable solution
  • Assistance with the development of an innovative sorting and rolling machine
  • Technical and calculation support
  • Upgrading of machines used to manufacture racks and harvesters

2019: Integrated Drive Systems

Van den Top is also currently working on the implementation of an integrated drive system.

Together with BEGE, Van den Top is currently developing a machine that rolls steel profiles for the steel racks. For this, they are using a large BEGE gear unit with a main motor. There is one special steel profile that has to be formed in 24 steps.

Van den Top has built a machine with a larger ctc distance between the rollers especially for this variant. However, in order to prevent this installation with 24 sets of rollers from being too long for one gear unit, Van den Top has devised an innovative solution. Each set of rollers will be driven by a separate plug-in gear motor that is fully synchronised thanks to a frequency converter and a MIG encoder.

BEGE is closely involved in this large-scale project and its implementation is progressing well. This  innovative machine is expected to be commissioned very soon.

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