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BEGE offers online product configurator

BEGE offers online product configurator

Our online product configurator provides an intuitive and quick way to configure, select and request drive components. Currently, it is possible to configure your specific MIG NOVA+, Basic or Stainless Steel encoder. We are set to extend this feature to include other drive products in the near future.

Configurator for customer-specific products

Many machine builders experience difficulties choosing the right MIG encoder when engineering machines. This configurator is a useful tool to help you quickly find the best fit from among our extensive range of MIG encoders. It allows engineers and purchasers to easily filter the right size and type of encoder, to ensure optimal results in practice.

The configurator reduces the time it takes to find components and accessories and eliminates time-consuming email exchanges with BEGE.

Quick search

The configurator is available on the website for our MIG incremental encoder. The MIG incremental encoder makes high-precision positioning tasks easy to perform and is compatible with most controls (HTL and TTL).

The MIG encoder configurator takes you, as the engineer or purchaser, through the process of selecting an encoder one step at a time. This selection tool makes it easy to select the MIG encoder you need from hundreds of different encoder types, with a specific pulse count between 1 and 2048 pulses.


All it takes is a few clicks in the configurator to configure the best MIG encoder for your needs, saving you time and effort. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to enter the relevant data in the configurator, and you can then instantly request a quote for the appropriate product.

Preventing errors

The configurator minimizes the risk of error when designing and constructing drives with an encoder. The configuration tool covers the most important criteria such as flange diameter, rotor bore, impulse count, material and flange design. The configurator automatically filters the best MIG encoder for your drive from hundreds of combination possibilities.

3D drawing & data sheet

Specific options such as the fitting edge, flange thickness, frame size and pitch circle can be configured and are shown directly in the downloadable data sheet and STEP file. You only need to enter the specifications of the encoder you want, such as the flange diameter and rotor bore sizes, to get instant results showing you which encoder is suitable for your application.

The configurator can still be used even if you only know the flange diameter or rotor bore sizes.

By entering one of the specifications of the encoder you want, the available options for the other size can be found.

Once the configuration is complete, you will see a link to the data sheet and 3D drawing that can be exported as a STEP file for seamless integration into your existing machine drawings. Finally, links to the catalog and installation manual are provided for further information.

Need a MIG NOVA+, Basic or Stainless Steel encoder? Use our configurator and automatically find the best MIG encoder for your drive.