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BEGE Customization: Helical gear motors with foot flange

Customization: Helical gear motors with foot and flange

We provide customization in drive systems, products, and components, tailored to the customer-specific situation. With innovative and specialist customization, our helical gear motors contribute to optimal drive processes.

Customized design

One of our customers asked for a modified helical gear motor. They requested a gear unit with a foot-flange housing. Our engineers started redesigning and changed the design.

This new design makes it possible to supply one helical gear motor that can be mounted both as a flange and as a foot.

Two customer benefits

The benefits are twofold. Firstly, the gear motor is slimmer and thus takes up less space when installed. Secondly, the customer can reduce his inventory because only one helical gear motor instead of two have to be stored.

Click here to view the dimensional drawings of the old and new versions.

3D view

In the image below you see the 3D view of the old version and after the arrow the new one. Other drawings are available on request.

Curious about how our customized drive systems can help your company? Please feel free to contact our engineers.