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Expansion of our network

We are very proud of our distributors, our valued partners.

For our ambition to be the best drive partner, our distributor network is invaluable. We regard distributors as an important link to customers across the border.

The BEGE family, our strong network of distribution partners, ensures local support, fast communication and efficient processing of orders and advice. This enables our products to be used worldwide, while as a reliable drive partner we are always close to our customers at all times.

BEGE goes global

In 2016 we initiated a network of four partnerships in Germany, to which we are gratified to have been able to add quite a number of professional partners in the past months. Our first global distributors were recently certified, and with all these partners we have taken a major step in defining our expansion plans.

This is only the beginning

We will continue to expand our presence in and outside of Europe with specialized distributors so our customers always have a certified partner nearby.