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Servo motors

Servo motors for optimum performance and durability. Ideally suited to demanding, high-performance industrial applications thanks to its extreme robustness.

Robust and compact servo motors

BEGE offers a variety of modern, highly efficient, low-maintenance and reliable servo motors. The powerful and compact servo motors we supply are ideal for applications that require very precise positioning with repeatable accuracy, or dynamic performance.

LS Electric servo motors

BEGE is a supplier of high-quality, energy-efficient servo motors from LS Electric. A leading manufacturer of industrial electronics.

Servo motors for optimum performance and durability. Their ruggedness makes them ideal for demanding, high-performance industrial applications.

These servo motors are often used in applications where the focus is on fast and precise control. They feature a long, slim shape and, combined with the right gear unit, are the best solution for highly dynamic applications. They also have high overload capacity and need little maintenance.

Servo motor features and benefits:

  • High performance
  • More precise control of revs
  • High torque
  • High accuracy
  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Compact size with high capacity
  • Very efficient
  • Long life
  • Compatible with our L7 series AC servo drives

BEGE servo motors: the different ranges

We supply five different series of servo motors, ranging from synchronous AC servo motors to direct drive motors.

400V servo motors – APM

Robust and compact. LS brushless AC servo motors ensure a long service life and quiet operation.

200V servo motors – APMC

Robust and compact. Perfect for a variety of applications, including packaging and logistics as well as semiconductor machines.

Direct Drive motors – DD

High torque and very precise operation. These direct drive servo motors are optimized for low speed, high torque and high precision.

DC servo motors – APMCDC

Very robust and compact. These brushless DC servo motors from LS Electric ensure a long service life and quiet operation.

The strong dynamic characteristics of the motors make them ideal for a number of applications, including packaging & logistics and semiconductor machines.

Integrated servo system – PEGA

This servo system with integrated improved efficiency is a combined system of motor, encoder and servo drive. It maximizes the usable space when installed in confined and small spaces.

Servo technology at BEGE

As an industrial automation specialist, we provide reliable servo drive systems for efficient and powerful machine and production line performance.

Ranging from relatively small machines to complex installations with multi-axis motions, and for numerous industries, such as the food and drink industry, agriculture and horticulture.

More servo drive systems

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