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Corrosion protection

Maximum corrosion protection for drives. Our high-quality coatings and stainless steel drives ensure a longer lifespan and increase reliability.

Corrosion protection for drive systems

BEGE provides effective corrosion protection for drive systems that are more durable, reliable and easier to maintain. Our corrosion prevention systems protect drives from corrosion and extend machinery lifespans, increase operational reliability and minimize downtime, resulting in lower costs and greater productivity.

Causes of corrosion in drives

Corrosive wear, or rust as it is often known, is a complex and common problem for drive systems. This process occurs when metal reacts with moisture or corrosive chemicals, causing the surface to deteriorate and break down. This reaction is intensified by environmental factors, such as exposure to salt water, acids and substances containing chlorides, all of which speed up the corrosive effects.

Even stainless steel, known for its resistance to corrosion, is not immune to degradation if it is continuously exposed to harsh conditions. The chromium oxide top layer that gives protection can become damaged during use, transportation, assembly or maintenance. Once damaged, the underlying metal is susceptible to rust. Rough surfaces with small cracks or fissures are also breeding grounds for harmful substances that promote corrosion. In addition, a non-aseptic design, i.e. one without smooth, rounded surfaces, facilitates the adhesion of these substances, further accelerating corrosion.

Risks and effects of corrosion

In industrial environments with high levels of moisture and salt, corrosion can seriously undermine the efficiency and functionality of drive systems. This destructive process leads to increased friction, poorer performance or even complete failures of equipment. Such issues compromise the integrity and reliability of machines, which may result in higher maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime. Emergency repairs and replacement not only impact production capacity, they also pose significant safety risks.

Corrosion causes surface damage and diminishes the quality of metal components, compromising their structural integrity. Continuous exposure to corrosive elements produces significant wear, causing parts with inadequate protection to underperform and leading to unreliable performance, as well as the potential for hazardous situations in the case of heavy machinery and critical systems.

Ways to prevent corrosion

BEGE understands corrosion’s complexity and the technical challenges it presents to machine builders and their customers. General measures to protect against corrosion include choosing the right surface finish, regular visual inspections, careful maintenance, thorough cleaning, and the selection of suitable materials and coating applications.

We ensure effective protection with high-quality anti-corrosion coatings and an extensive range of stainless steel drive components. Our expertise enables improved safety, reliability and productivity of machinery and equipment, as well as optimal performance and longevity. Discover our corrosion protection systems.

Anti-corrosion coating

Food-grade and corrosion-resistant coatings are used to protect drive components, such as gear units and electric motors, from corrosion and wear.
BEGE uses special C5M coatings that are exceptionally resistant to surface rust, oxidation and corrosive factors in the environment, such as mineral oil, lubricants, emulsions and solvents. We also offer STEEL-IT coatings that are specifically designed for food processing equipment. These provide durable protection against corrosion while also meeting stringent hygiene standards.
Both coatings are ideal for wet and corrosive applications, where they can help extend the drives’ lifespan and reliability.

Benefits of coatings:

  • Protect against rust and oxidation and safeguard the integrity of the metal.
  • Withstand harsh industrial environments, including those characterized by extreme temperature and chemical exposure.
  • Reduce maintenance frequency and lower operating costs.
  • Save on the cost of materials by making cheaper base metals corrosion resistant.
  • Customized to provide optimum protection against specific chemicals or extreme conditions.
  • Offer aesthetic variety with coatings in different colors and finishes.

Stainless steel drives

Stainless steel drives are critical in applications where hygiene and durability are top priorities.

BEGE supplies drives that benefit from the corrosion-resistant properties of the high-quality materials used in their manufacture, such as AISI 316, giving them excellent resistance to the destructive effects of moisture, salt and chemicals. This makes our stainless steel drives ideal for use in both the food processing industry and in marine and chemical processing facilities. The smooth finish and rugged design of these drives minimize dirt adhesion and facilitate cleaning, essential for compliance with stringent hygiene standards.

While stainless steel may appear to be the more expensive option at first, the long-term savings on maintenance costs and extended longevity more than compensate for the initial investment. This makes stainless steel drives an economically sound choice for businesses that value durability and reliability.

Benefits of stainless steel drives:

  • Prevent corrosion, including under extreme conditions.
  • Require less maintenance due to natural corrosion resistance.
  • Increase operational reliability of machinery and equipment.
  • Facilitate hygiene due to ease of cleaning and ability to withstand high-pressure cleaning.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and chemical exposure.
  • Lower total cost of ownership over the long term.

The best anti-corrosion solution: stainless steel or coating?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether to opt for a stainless steel drive or a coating for corrosion protection:

  • Reliability: if longevity and a high level of reliability are critical, stainless steel is more durable despite the higher initial cost.
  • Cost: in some situations a stainless steel drive’s advantages will not weigh up against the cost; in that case, a coating may be more suitable.
  • Durability: in extremely harsh industrial environments, stainless steel is often the better choice due to its inherent corrosion resistance.
  • Operating conditions: stainless steel is ideal for environments with high chemical exposure, whereas in less corrosive environments a coating may be sufficient.
  • Maintenance: stainless steel requires less maintenance than coated surfaces, which need to be re-coated regularly to retain their protection.
  • Health: in industries such as food or pharmaceuticals, the non-toxicity of stainless steel makes this option preferable to coatings.
  • Application: if the factors above do not apply, then the specific application will determine the choice between stainless steel or a coating. Our experts are happy to support you in your decision-making process.

Want to know more about how BEGE can help your business? Looking for a custom, corrosion-resistant drive? Arrange an appointment with our engineers.

Industry-specific corrosion protection

BEGE combines expertise in drive technology with an in-depth understanding of various industries, allowing it to offer integrated corrosion-resistant drive solutions. These solutions are used to optimize the drives of machines and equipment in a variety of sectors, such as the food, pharmaceuticals and marine industries. Our engineers apply specific industry requirements and standards to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of drives and machines.

Learn more about how we apply corrosion protection to improve drive systems in different industries.

Corrosion-resistant drives in the food industry

Stainless steel drives from BEGE offer superior corrosion resistance for the food industry thanks to their hygienic properties. They are specifically designed to meet the most stringent hygiene standards and can withstand intensive cleaning. These properties make them perfect for environments subject to high moisture levels and frequent harsh cleaning cycles.

View our stainless steel products

STEEL-IT coatings make for an excellent alternative to stainless steel in situations where there is only occasional direct contact with food. These coatings are USDA-compliant for occasional food contact and provide robust corrosion protection. They are ideal for applications where the drive system needs to be able to cope with harsh cleaning agents and frequent cleaning, such as for food processing equipment that does not come into direct contact with food.

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Corrosion-resistant drives in the pharmaceutical industry

Stainless steel drive systems are well suited to use in the pharmaceutical industry due to their outstanding corrosion resistance and hygiene properties. They are able to withstand to harsh chemicals and intensive cleaning processes, ensuring compliance with stringent hygiene and sterility standards.

In addition, they minimize the risk of cross-contamination, critical in pharmaceutical production environments.

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A STEEL-IT coating offers a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel for the pharmaceutical industry. The coating provides superior corrosion protection and is USDA-compliant.

It is also suitable for contact with disinfectants during frequent cleaning cycles.

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Corrosion-resistant drives in marine & offshore applications

Drive systems in marine and offshore applications operate in extreme environments where exposure to moisture, salt, chemicals and other factors can cause corrosion, including rust and electrolysis.

BEGE offers special C5M nanocoatings that effectively protect gear units, electric motors and motor gears from surface rust and oxidation, extending longevity and improving reliability.

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High-quality stainless steel drive components

Discover our extensive range of stainless steel drive components with ultra-hygienic properties. Ideal for industries with demanding corrosion resistance requirements.

Stainless steel gear motors

Efficient, hygienic and wear-resistant stainless steel bevel, helical and worm gear motors.

Stainless steel gear units

Food-safe, durable and maintenance-free stainless helical bevel gear units.

Stainless steel electric motors

Food-safe, hygienic and economical high-efficiency stainless steel electric motors. Also in AISI 316.

Stainless steel flange encoders

Compact, dust-proof, shock and water resistant flange encoder, for when precision counts.

Want to extend the lifespan of your equipment? Improve your hygiene standards? Minimize downtime? Call our engineers to discover the best corrosion-resistant custom drive solution for you.

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Frequently asked questions about corrosion protection

Find answers to frequently asked questions about corrosion protection in drive systems. This information can help you understand the main factors that contribute to corrosion and the solutions available.

Corrosion is the degradation of metal due to chemical reactions with elements in the environment, such as oxygen, moisture and salt. These reactions lead to structural weakness, making machines vulnerable to cracking, fracture and failure. This process can seriously affect the efficiency and longevity of machinery.

Corrosion increases operating costs due to the need for frequent maintenance, repairs and the replacement of affected parts. This leads to more downtime, higher labor costs and moremoney spent on spare parts. Effective corrosion protection can significantly reduce these costs by extending the lifespan of components.

STEEL-IT and C5M epoxy coatings are chemically resistant and durable, ideal for (heavy) industrial applications. A STEEL-IT coating provides outstanding corrosion protection and fulfills hygiene standards, while a C5M coating is resistant to surface rust and oxidation, making it suitable for marine and offshore applications.

Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance reduces the rate at which the material degrades, as it resists rust and oxidation. As a result, there is less wear and tear on industrial machinery and its lifespan is extended, while maintenance frequency and associated costs are reduced.

BEGE stainless steel drives are IP69K-certified for water and dust resistance. This makes them ideal for environments subject to frequent high-pressure cleaning, such as in the food industry where hygiene and cleanability are critical.

Assess environmental factors such as moisture, chemical exposure and temperature in relation to the specific application requirements, and consult an expert to determine the most suitable corrosion protection method.

Want to know more about how BEGE can help your business? Looking for a custom, corrosion-resistant drive? Arrange an appointment with our engineers.