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Worm Gear - RVM

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BEGE RVM Serie – Worm Gear Motors

Universal and economic solution. The BEGE RVM-series worm gear motors have on all sides different fixing possibilities and enable easy assembly. Due to the square design, the worm gear motor can be mounted in various ways in the machine or application. In addition, various options are available for mounting, such as a torque arm, various types of flanges, insert shafts and more.

The RVM-series is a modular and configurable solution and is perfectly suitable for the food, agricultural and marine industry.

Worm Gear Motors: features & benefits

High-quality worm gear motors for high gear ratios, high torque and small installation space
Modular design for easy mounting in various ways in the machine or application
Perfect for the food, agricultural and marine industry
Optional C5-M anti-corrosion marine coating for corrosion resistance
Stainless steel output shafts avaiable for corrosive environments
Many options such as torque arm, various types of flanges and insert shafts

Food safe

Hygienic design

Max. IP66




Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Ratio7,5:1 - 100:1
Output speed (rpm)1,5 - 400
Nominal torque (Nm)14 - 1654
Max. torque (Nm)1200
Motor3-phase AC-motor
Power range (kW)0,09 - 7,5
Voltage/frequency230 / 400V - 50Hz
265 / 460V - 60Hz
Efficiency classIE3 (≥0,75kW - 2p / 4p / 6p)
Protection classStandard IP55
max. IP66
Isolation classF
LubricationISO VG320 synthetic oil
Lifetime (L10h)> 15.000
CertificatesCE, UL/CSA


IEC Motor size56 - 132
Mounting executionsFoot-mounted
Shaft configurationHollow output shaft
Single output shaft
Double output shaft
Output shaft diameter (mm)14 - 45

Optional features

MIG encoder

Torque arm

Free input shaft

PTC thermistor

Bimetal temperature switch





Special voltage / frequency

Increased protection

Reinforced output shaft bearing

Stainless steel output shaft

Forced ventilation

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