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BEGE Sprockets

All-round and fast delivery. We carry a large stock of sprockets. These gears are manufactured according to DIN regulations and are available in various materials. For better wear resistance, specific surface treatments such as galvanizing, nickel plating or hardened teeth (C45 - 55) are possible.

Sprockets: features & benefits

Large stock and quick delivery
Conform DIN 8167 and DIN8180 regulations
Many special versions available in simplex, duplex and triplex
Surface treatments possible
In addition to the standard versions, many special versions are available
Standard supplied with pre-bore
On request provided with keyway and/ or mortice
Specialized & customized sprockets on request

Large stock

Wide variety



Conform ISO

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

StandardizationDIN 8167, DIN8180
DIN ISO numberISO 04B - 24B
Number of teeth8 - 114
Bore (mm)5 - 53
Cast iron
Stainless steel



Optional features

Other bore diameter



Other number of teeth

Surface treatment

Inquire availability

Repair & Maintenance

Is a current component or drive system in need of maintenance or repair? BEGE has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of drives and systems. We guarantee a rapid resumption of operational procedures.

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