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Single-Phase - 5AZC

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Končar 5AZC Serie – 1-phase Induction Motors

Robust and durable. Končar single-phase induction motors are designed for everyday use in harsh conditions. The high-quality technology makes these motors suitable for highly demanding environments in agriculture and food processing.

By using high-quality and durable materials and their low maintenance requirements, they contribute to a higher availability of machines and installations. Thanks to their modular design, these single-phase motors can be fully adapted to specific requirements and needs.

Single-Phase Induction Motors: features & benefits

Robust 1-phase induction motors for various applications such as ventilation systems, compressed air supply and pump fluids
Thanks to high-quality materials and techniques, also suitable for rough working environments
Maintenance-free due to the greased-for-life bearings
Durable insulation system for lower operating costs
Plastic terminal box with terminal plate and capacitors

Robust: Durable


IEC standard

Versatile options

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

MotorSingle-phase IEC induction motor
Power range (kW)0,12 - 2,5
Poles (#)2, 4, 6
Input speed (rpm)3.000, 1.500, 1.000
Voltage/frequency230V - 50Hz
Protection classStandard IP54, max. IP55
Motor protectionOptional
Isolation classF
CertificatesCE, UL/CSA, ATEX


IEC Motor sizeIEC63 - 90
Motor contruction typeB3, B5, B14A/B, B34 & B35
Output shaft diameter (mm)11 - 28
Coating / colorAccording to ISO 12944

Optional features

MIG encoder

Special voltage/frequency

PTC thermistor

Two shaft free ends (on DE and on NDE)

Isolation class H

Special flanges and shaft ends

Flange mounting motors with flange and shaft extension according to NEMA

Terminal box on right or left side

Other colours/coatings

Fan cover with protection from rainfall and textile fibre

non-ventilated (IC410)

Winding for tropical environment

Winding heaters

Condensation drain holes

Roller bearings

Regreasing facility

Marine design

Forced ventilation (cooling type IC416)


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