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Conveyor Chain - TRK

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TYC ISO Conveyor Chain

Powerful and superior. We carry a large stock of TYC conveyor chains. These chains are characterized by their superior design and high-quality finish. TYC conveyor chains are manufactured in compliance with ANSI and ISO standards and include additional design features, manufacturing steps and process control for optimized performance.

ISO Conveyor Chain: features & benefits

Large stock and quick delivery
ISO conveyor chains are manufactered for heavy loads and conform DIN regulations
A wide array of options available in terms of conveyor length, direction of conveyance and ambient conditions
No slippage, allowing for accurate conveyance
Extremely durable and high efficient
Interchangable with Standard ANSI/ISO Chains
Also available with various attachments
Specialized & customized conveyor chains on request

Large stock


High efficiency



Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

StandardizationDIN 8167, DIN8168
DIN ISO/ANSI numberISO M20P50 - M80P315


TypeHollow pin
Solid pin

Optional features

Plastic rollers

Plastic sleeves for ultimate service life

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Repair & Maintenance

Is a current component or drive system in need of maintenance or repair? BEGE has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of drives and systems. We guarantee a rapid resumption of operational procedures.

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