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KHK IG Serie – Internal Gears

Versatile, broad range. We offer KHK internal gears in pitches ranging from 0.5 to 3, with 50 to 200 teeth. They are suitable for many applications, including planetary gear mechanisms.

Internal gears are used industrially to keep down the size of various machine components, gear reducers for example.

Internal Gears: features & benefits

Internally toothed gears that can reduce the size of drive components
Very suitable for use in a planetary gear drive
Designed to give the proper normal direction backlash
High strength, abrasion-resistant and compact
Quiet and economical
Share load burdings by grouping multiple planetary gears




High precision


Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Module0.5 - 3
Number of teeth60 - 200
Bore (mm)30 - 480
Stainless steel
Plastic (FDA approved)


Not available

Optional features

Not available

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Repair & Maintenance

Is a current component or drive system in need of maintenance or repair? BEGE has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of drives and systems. We guarantee a rapid resumption of operational procedures.

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