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Fan & Pump - H100

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LS Electric H100 Serie – Fan & Pump Frequency Inverters

Energy efficient and easy to use. The LS H100 frequency inverters have been specially developed for use in ventilation and pump drives. The energy-saving benefits integrate seamlessly with environmentally friendly water treatment plants, fans and pump drives.

Fan & Pump Frequency Inverters: features & benefits

Designed for use in HVAC, ventilation and pump drives
Exclusive HVAC keypad for maximum ease of use
Programmed start-up and stop curves to prevent damage to the pump
Energy-saving due to flow compensation for long pipes
Space-saving because of the compact design and side-by-side installation
Multi-smart copier for fast and easy on-site software provisioning
Built-in EMC filter to respond to the specifications for noise reduction



Stable system control



Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Power range (kW)0,75 - 500
Power supply3 AC 200V
3 AC 400V
Control technologyV/f
Slip compensation
Pulse width modulation (PWM)1 - 32 kHz
Start-up torque200% at 0.5 Hz
Frequency resolution0,06Hz max. freq. 60 Hz (analogue)
0,01Hz (digital)
Frequency setting tolerance1% of maximum output frequency
V/f curveLinear, quadratic, user V/f
Bus systemsOn board: Modbus TCP
Ext. Options: Profibus-DP, CANopen, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET
STO (Safety Torque Off)SIL2 Cat. 0/PL d
DisplayLCD keypad
Protection classIP54
CertificatesCE, UL


Not available

Optional features

Brake resistor

Brake chopper

Conduit option

Flange option

Mains filter

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