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Servo Motor 400V - APM

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LS Electric APM Serie – Servo Motors

Very robust and compact. LS Electric AC brushless servo motors guarantee a long service life and quiet operation.

The APM servo motors are standard equipped with a built-in serial single-turn (19-bit) and multi-turn (16-bit) encoder with IP65 protection rating.

The highly dynamic properties of the motors make them perfectly suitable for various fields including packaging & logistics and semiconductor machines. For even more demanding enviroments the motors are available in 4 different speed/torque ranges with low to high inertia.

400V Servo Motors: features & benefits

AC brushless servo motors with high torque density and high rotational speeds
Suitable for a wide range of positioning and precision speed control applications
High system accuracy with 19 bits single-turn or 16 bits multi-turn resolution
High-response and high-precision control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration
Shock, vibration and high temperatures resistant
Optional electromagnetic brake for holding a load during power-off condition
Space-saving, fully closed and self cooling IP67 structure
frequently used in dynamic applications such as packaging machines, logistics machines and semiconductor machines


High precision


Long service life



Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Input200V AC
400V AC
Flange Size (mm2)130, 180, 220
Output speed (rpm)3000
Maximum output speed (rpm)5000
Nominal torque (Nm)2.86 - 95.5
Max. torque (Nm)3x Nominal
Power range (kW)0.3 - 15.0
Rated Current [A]3.47 - 35.7
EncoderBuilt-in Absolute Serial Single-Turn (19-bit) / Multi-turn (16-bit)
Protection classFully closed IP65
CoolingAir-Cooled / Natural Convection
Rated TimeS1 Continuous
Applicable DriveL7 type A or B


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