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BEGE Bevel gear units

Efficient right-angle transmissions with ATEK bevel gear units. Reliable precision, high efficiency up to 98%, custom options and integrated right-angle drive systems.

Bevel gear units for efficient right-angle transmission

Bevel gear units are the ideal choice for right-angle transmissions, with their precise bevel gears achieving an impressively high efficiency of up to 98%. This technology ensures quiet power transmission with minimal vibration.
BEGE offers various models and versions of ATEK right-angle gear units, combined with in-depth application knowledge. Whether it’s custom gear units for specific environments or fully integrated custom drive systems, we are the drive partner for machine builders.

Product overview

For machine builders looking for high-quality, powerful and precise right-angle gear units, we offer a wide range of bevel gear units.

V Series

Standard bevel gear unit

Unprecedented power thanks to its compact and shock-resistant design. With an efficiency of up to 98%, high precision and robustness, they are ideal for heavy loads. They are also maintenance-free.

  • Transmission ratio: 1:1 – 6:1
  • Max. torque: 25 – 5.400 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 12 – 80 mm

L Series

Miniature bevel gear unit

Aluminum miniature bevel gear units combine space saving with precision for use in compact machines. They are lightweight, efficient, and ideal for the fine mechanical industry.

  • Transmission ratio: 1:1 – 4:1
  • Max. torque: 6.0 – 16.0 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 6 – 10 mm

Engineering specialist for custom integrated right-angle drive systems

As a leading engineering specialist, we go beyond supplying a standard bevel gear unit. We design customer-specific gear units with consideration for environmental and usage factors, and we develop custom integrated right-angle drive systems for space savings, optimal power transmission, precision, low maintenance costs and energy efficiency.

Why choose a right-angle drive system from BEGE?

  • Coordinated integration: Seamless interaction between components minimizes the risk of conflicts and optimizes machine performance.
  • Time savings: Working with a single partner simplifies the procurement process and saves valuable time.
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise: Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of complex drive technology to deliver the best system.
  • Lower TCO: An integrated drive system minimizes maintenance needs, extends machine life, and improves overall efficiency, resulting in less downtime and lower repair costs.

Exclusive Benelux distributor of ATEK gear units

Powerful and precise bevel gear units for optimum performance and maximum axial and radial load capacity.

Right-angle gear units at BEGE

High efficiency

ATEK bevel gear units are known for their high efficiency (98%). The precise gear design results in quiet power transmission with minimal vibration.

Top quality

As a globally renowned brand, ATEK manufactures powerful and precise gear units for various industrial applications in mechanical engineering.

Integrated solution

Innovative customization and seamless integration of various components for the best customer-specific right-angle drive systems.


There are numerous couplings to connect motors and gear units. The choice of coupling depends on the specific application and properties. Some popular options include disk clutches, dog clutches, fluid couplings and pulley drives, each designed to deliver maximum performance.

Wide range of applications in various industries

Bevel gear units are versatile and are used in cutting machines, packaging machines and poultry processing equipment, where they ensure efficient power transfer and smooth operation. They play a crucial role in the packaging industry, conveyors and shipbuilding, maximizing efficiency and simplifying complex tasks.

Industrial bread slicer

In bread slicers, two bevel gear units drive a pair of centering belts so that the bread moves synchronously toward the knives. Side adjustment on the two gear units – one on each side – allows for manual adjustment of the input width. This keeps the loaves always perfectly centered as they pass through the blades and results in optimal slicing results.

Cheese grater mechanism

Another example of bevel gears in action is a drive system with an extension to a bevel gear, on which a disk rotates. A cheese grater is mounted on this disk. This illustrates the versatility and specific use of bevel gear units in various situations.

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ATEK bevel gear units are efficient, reliable, precise, and deliver a high efficiency of up to 98%. Custom options are also possible, and we engineer complete right-angle drive systems.