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MIG encoders

BEGE manufactures and supplies compact magnetic incremental and absolute encoders for ultra-precise positioning and feedback in industrial automation systems.

Magnetic flange encoders

BEGE manufactures patented MIG encoders. These magnetic rotating flange encoders provide a reliable and efficient solution for mechanical engineers working with advanced drives and positioning systems.
They often encounter challenges such as the need for extremely high precision in positioning moving parts even at high speeds, the impact of harsh industrial environments on performance and the complexity of integration with existing systems. Furthermore, space is often limited in the drive unit while it is essential to acquire positioning feedback. Traditional encoders often come with a number of disadvantages, such as the need for regular maintenance and a short service life.

Find out how BEGE MIG encoders effectively address all these problems and optimize industrial processes.

Product overview

We offer six different magnetic encoders for machine builders looking for reliable and efficient positioning solutions:


NOVA+ incremental encoder

Compact, highly precise and fully shock-proof and water-proof flange encoder with high signal quality up to 2,048 pulses.

  • Flange diameter (mm): 80 – 450
  • Impulses/rotation: 1 – 2,048
  • Interface: HTL, TTL


Basic incremental encoder

Incremental flange encoder for ultra-precise positioning. Compact, dust-proof and compatible with any IEC-compliant electric motor.

  • Flange diameter (mm): 80 – 200
  • Impulses/rotation: 1 – 64
  • Interface: HTL


Stainless steel incremental encoder

Durable stainless steel magnetic flange encoder specially designed for applications in hygienic or corrosive environments. With protection rating up to IP69K.

  • Flange diameter (mm): 80 – 350
  • Impulses/rotation: 1 – 2048
  • Protection class: up to: IP69K


Absoluut single-turn encoder

Absolute single-turn encoder with 360° position acquisition. The memory function ensures the encoder instantly detects the correct position on restart.

  • Flange diameter (mm): 90 – 160
  • Measuring range: 360°
  • Resolution (bit): 4 – 18


Encoder for hydraulic motors

Dust-proof incremental magnetic encoder, specially designed for hydraulic motor flange dimensions.

  • Flange diameter (mm): 135
  • Impulses/rotation: 1 – 2048
  • Interface: HTL, TTL


Encoder for America & Canada

Compact magnetic incremental encoder for ultra-precise feedback, suitable for machine builders in America and Canada.

  • Flange diameter (inch): 6 5/8 – 14 5/8
  • Impulses/rotation: 1 – 2048
  • Interface: HTL, TTL

Peerless precision and rugged design in a compact format

BEGE magnetic flange encoders combine precision, a compact, rugged design and compatibility with an optimally protected assembly between motor and gear unit. This makes them the perfect choice for OEMs looking for reliable and efficient positioning solutions for a variety of industrial applications. They are suitable for use in even the smallest of spaces. The key advantages

  • High resolution and precision for accurate positioning and motion control.
  • Very compact design that fits in tight spaces. No motor adjustments, such as an extended fan cover or NDE shaft, are required.
  • Compatible with common IEC and NEMA-compliant electric motor and gear units.
  • Provides full protection against dirt, dust, corrosion and liquids including high-pressure cleaning (IP69K) through the assembly between motor and gear unit.
  • Robust and reliable in harsh industrial environments.
  • Shock-resistant thanks to the use of vulcanized plastic magnets.
  • Precise positioning even at high speeds due to advanced measurement methods.
  • Long service life and minimal maintenance, resulting in lower costs and increased uptime.

Manufacturer of MIG encoders – the magnetic flange encoder that always fits

Our compact, magnetic incremental and absolute encoders are the best choice for ultra-precise positioning in industrial automation systems.

Flange encoders at BEGE

Manufacturer & customization

As a manufacturer, we custom-make encoders to meet customers’ specific requirements and provide for optimal positioning feedback.

Compatibility & integration

BEGE MIG encoders are ideally suited for integration into a complete drive system in any automation environment. Easy management through a single point of contact.

EU engineered

Six different encoder models designed and manufactured in the EU guaranteeing quality and compliance with industry standards.

Applications in multiple industries

BEGE MIG encoders are ideal for applications that require high precision, in particular in environments where a high protection rating is required and/or where space is limited.

High precision and high protection rating

For environments that require precise positioning and a high protection rating, such as in the food & drinks and pharmaceutical industries, the BEGE MIG encoder offers full protection against dust, dirt, corrosion and liquids (IP69K). This makes the encoder ideal for hygienic environments and demanding conditions.

High precision and limited space

Compact MIG encoders are the perfect solution for applications where precise positioning feedback is critical while space is limited. The assembly between the motor and the gear unit means the encoder takes up very little extra space and is therefore suitable for installation in tight spaces.

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BEGE MIG encoders are compact, magnetic incremental and absolute encoders for ultra-precise positioning in industrial automation systems. Customer-specific custom options are also possible.