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Vibration Motors

BEGE supplies high-quality Venanzetti vibration motors for efficient industrial vibration and shaking processes. Can also be combined into an integrated drive.

Vibration Motors for Efficient Continuous Processes

In industrial and production environments, vibration technology plays an indispensable role in material removal and dosing. Advanced vibration motors significantly improve production processes’ efficiency, consistency and accuracy. Their reliable performance and robust design make vibrator motors an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications.

Product overview

For machine builders looking for robust, versatile and reliable vibration motors or in need of a miniature vibration motor, we have four series. These motors are available in different versions, including with 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles and in both single and three-phase versions.

VV Serie

Electric Vibration Motors

All-round and durable vibrator motors, suitable for use in dust-explosive environments (II2D), that ensure an efficient and continuous process with an unhindered material flow.

  • Power: 0,08 – 18,3 kW
  • Centrifugal force: 311 – 245.000 N
  • Speed (rpm): 750 – 3.600

VV Micro Serie

Small Vibration Motors

Miniature vibration motors made of lightweight aluminum, suitable for small surfaces with low vibration and low centrifugal forces.

  • Power: 0,024 – 0,045 kW
  • Centrifugal force: 39 – 638 N
  • Speed (rpm): 3.000

VVE Serie

ATEX Vibration Motors

Vibration motors, suitable for the European market, with ATEX certificate for use in gas and dust explosive environments (II2D/II2G).

  • Power: 0,17 – 7,9 kW
  • Centrifugal force: 311 – 245.000 N0
  • Speed (rpm): 750 – 3.600

VVC Serie

CSA Vibration Motors

Vibration motors for the North American market, with CSA certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres due to gas or dust.

  • Power: 0,18 – 7,0 HP
  • Centrifugal force: 311 – 245.000 N
  • Speed (rpm): 750 – 3.600

Venanzetti Vibration Motors – a unique combination of power and wide applicability

Venanzetti industrial vibrators are known for their power and versatility and are vital components in various types of machines. We use our expertise to guide machine builders in choosing the right vibration motor for their specific applications, combining powerful performance, durable design and flexibility in use. Features of these vibration motors:

  • Oversized, high-resistance steel shafts
  • Weight regulation system with graduated indicator from 0 to 100%
  • Optimized power/weight ratio
  • Labyrinth seals for longer service life
  • Stator protection with vacuum or drop by drop system
  • Special bearings for continuous use at 100% CF
  • Class F insulation
  • IP66 protection

With their advanced features, Venanzetti electric vibration motors are reliable solutions to a wide range of industrial challenges.

BEGE is the exclusive distributor of Venanzetti vibration motors in the Netherlands

Robust, compact and powerful industrial vibration motors for optimum performance and drives with unmatched reliability and efficiency.

Industrial vibrator motors at BEGE

Superior Quality

Venanzetti vibration motors are known for their durability and reliability, offering consistent performance for maximum operational efficiency.

Integrated Vibration Drive

If required, we can use our motors and gearboxes to develop integrated (custom) solutions that combine drive and vibration.

Venanzetti Distributor

As experienced Venanzetti vibration motor specialists, we know which industrial vibrators will be most suitable and can ensure an accelerated delivery for faster implementation.

Vibration Motors and Vibration Technology in Various Industries

Vibration motors are indispensable in multiple industries due to their versatility. Not only do they ensure optimum performance, they provide essential solutions for efficient material handling, sorting and processing as part of industrial processes.

Mini Case Study – Vibration System for Blanching

An efficient, high-quality blanching process was needed for a ready meal production line. Our solution was to provide a conveyor belt with a vibration system to loosen and blanch the vegetables for the ready meals. The VFD conveyor ensures optimal processing speeds for perfect results.

Food Industry

In addition to vibration systems for blanching, industrial vibration motors are used for a multitude of other purposes in the food industry. They drive vibrating tables and sieves for sorting, sieving and dewatering of foodstuffs such as grains, seeds and vegetables.

They are also used in mixing equipment to dose and mix ingredients with precision.

Vibratory Motors in Bulk and Break-Bulk Industries

Vibration motors are widely used in the bulk and break-bulk industries. They drive conveyors and move coal, ore, sand and gravel as part of construction and mining operations. They also control sieving systems for a uniform distribution of materials. Vibrating feeders driven by electric vibratory motors ensure precise dosing and transport of bulk materials.

Chemical Industry

Vibration motors also play a crucial role in the chemical industry. They are used in mixing equipment to homogenize powders, granules and liquids. They also drive vibratory tables to test chemical products’ vibration resistance and durability.

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BEGE levert hoogwaardige Venanzetti industriële trilmotoren voor optimale efficiënte en betrouwbaarheid in zware industriële schud- en trilprocessen.