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External cooling

BEGE offers high-quality and reliable forced cooling ventilation for cooling electric motors, to enable optimum motor performance. Thanks to their IEC compatibility and Compact Airflow System (CAS), they are versatile and perform efficiently in a variety of applications.

Forced ventilation: optimum heat dissipation prevents motors overheating

BEGE supplies external ventilation units (IC416) from STARK, specially designed for machine builders facing the challenges of motors overheating. These fans are essential for preventing the temperature inside electric motors from rising to critical levels, which can lead to reduced efficiency, downtime and serious damage, such as burnout and motor failure.

STARK fans provide axial air displacement, directing the airflow close to the motor surface. This promotes cooling of the cooling fins, optimizes performance and minimizes the risk of downtime.

Product overview

STARK forced ventilation promotes heat dissipation and increases motor performance through external cooling. We offer two series of external cooling fans that are compatible with all motor types and brands.

SVE series

SVE Premium forced cooling

Premium cooling fan with an IP66 degree of protection. This external motor cooling unit withstands strong jets of water and is ideal for humid or dusty environments.

  • Airflow capacity (m³/h): 9,200
  • Size: IEC63 – 355
  • Speed (rpm): 2800 2-pole & 1400 4-pole

SVB serie

SVB Forced cooling

Cost-efficient and reliable external cooling fan, perfect for applications for which basic ventilation and motor failure prevention are critical.

  • Airflow capacity (m³/h): 8,000
  • Size: IEC63 – 560
  • Speed (rpm): 2800 2-pole & 1400 4-pole

External cooling with CAS Compact Airflow System

The innovative STARK Compact Airflow System (CAS) delivers top performance in a wide range of environments thanks to its smart design, distinctive shape and efficient heat dissipation. The fan’s unique triangular air inlet allows air inflow even when the unit is flush with a wall or surface. This makes STARK external motor cooling fans ideal for space-sensitive applications.

Features of STARK forced ventilation solutions for electric motors:

  • 99,9% reduced risk of overheating
  • ATEX execution on request
  • Protection rating up to IP66
  • Airflow rate of 8.000 ³/h
  • CE certificates, CURUS (UL and CSA), EAC
  • Axial fans for optimum efficiency
  • Compact terminal box design
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Galvanized primer plate for better corrosion prevention

Leading distributor of highly efficient forced ventilation

Our external cooling fans, of which we have a large stock, are all designed to seamlessly connect to any electric motor or gear motor, regardless of brand.

External cooling fans from BEGE

Superior quality

STARK SVE cooling fans are known for their durability and reliability, offering consistent performance for optimal external cooling.

Compatible with IEC motors

Universal design for seamless compatibility with all IEC motors and gear motors, ensuring wide applicability and easy installation.


Thanks to customization options for non-IEC motors, STARK cooling fans always meet specific requirements for effective cooling to perfection.

When should forced ventilation be used?

Forced motor cooling and VFDs

When controlling the motor speed with a frequency inverter, external cooling is important as at low speeds a frequency-controlled motor only dissipates its heat well with auxiliary ventilation .

STARK fans can be specifically aligned with the electric motor in combination with the VFD. While the frequency inverter adjusts the motor flux at low speeds, the forced cooling fan ensures sufficient heat dissipation, keeping the motor at an optimal temperature. This results in maximum performance and cooling even at low speeds, minimizing motor failures and downtime.

Forced ventilation in hot environments

In hot applications, such as over a furnace, motors often have problems with overheating. Even during periods of inactivity, cooling is crucial for maintaining performance and preventing damage. External cooling fans provide essential heat dissipation, ensuring reliable operation.

Fans for low speed motors

At very low speeds, the standard ventilation may be insufficient, while good cooling is essential for the reliability of the machine. In such cases, forced cooling is essential for maintaining optimal performance.

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BEGE provides high-quality and compact forced cooling solutions for optimum motor performance and process reliability.