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AC motors

BEGE supplies powerful, reliable 3-phase AC motors for efficient industrial drives. Perfectly integrates with gearboxes and flange encoders to form an integral drive system. Customized models also available.

High-performance 3-phase AC motors

BEGE offers reliable and powerful IE3 and IE4 AC motors that are essential for efficient industrial drives. These three-phase motors can be seamlessly integrated with gearboxes and flange encoders to form a complete (custom) drive system. Our wide range ensures immediate availability and fast delivery.

Product overview

For machine builders looking for powerful, versatile and reliable 3-phase motors, we offer three series. They are available in various configurations including 2, 4, 6 and 8-pole versions and are available in both aluminum and cast iron.

H5AZ/H7AZ Series

3-phase IE3 AC motors from Končar

Reliable and energy efficient. Končar IE3 squirrel-cage motors offer low noise levels, minimal vibration and high efficiency; perfect for industry and shipbuilding.

  • Power: 0,75 – 200 kW
  • Size: IEC80 – 315
  • Speed (1/min): 3000, 1500, 1000

SA/SC series

3-phase IE3/IE4 AC motors

High quality and powerful. STARK IE3/IE4 motors offer an economical solution with durable components and an elegant design. Ideal for aluminum or cast iron applications.

  • Power: 0,12 – 315 kW
  • Size: IEC63 – 355
  • Speed (1/min): 3000, 1500, 1000, 750


Saw motors / low center motors

Compact and space-saving. Himmel circular saw motors excel in milling, cutting and drilling with high running accuracy and power. Suitable for both complex and simple machine systems.

  • Power: 5,5 – 75 kW
  • Size: 55 – 160
  • Synchronous speed (1/min): 1000 – 3000

Integral drive systems and customization for maximum continuity

We optimize industrial processes by integrating three-phase asynchronous motors into complete, efficient drive systems. Our tailor-made solutions ensure optimum performance, reduce energy consumption and maintenance requirements, and prevent over- or under-sizing. As a result, we increase the productivity and efficiency of not just the machines of our customers, but also those of their own customers.

Our wide range of customer-specific customization options provides the best-suited motor for each specific application:

  • Motors: different voltages/frequencies, insulation class H and windings for tropical environments.
  • Mechanical adjustments: special flanges and shaft configurations (both NDE and DE).
  • Functional additions: electronic brakes, encoders and PTC thermistors.
  • Protection: forced cooling, temperature monitoring and standstill heating.
  • Installation flexibility: different cooling types (IC410, IC416, IC418), terminal box positions and other colors or coatings.

Leading distributor with large, consistent stock of 3-phase motors

Our extensive stock of AC motors ensures immediate availability and fast delivery without waiting times.

Three-phase asynchronous motors from BEGE


Our range of asynchronous motors are manufactured to strict quality standards, ensuring a cost-effective long-term investment.

Large stock

Our extensive and well-maintained stock of 3-phase AC motors ensures immediate availability and fast delivery without waiting times.

Energy-efficient and flexible

These high-efficiency motors are available in various power ratings and configurations, ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Explosion-proof ATEX AC motors

Safety & compliance

BEGE supplies robust ATEX-certified AC motors from Končar, designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres such as mines, chemical industries and refineries. These motors comply with ATEX directives, which ensure the safety of equipment and the health of workers in potentially explosive environments.

Robust and durable design

ATEX explosion-proof cast iron and aluminum motors are available in IEC sizes 71 to 315 and with power levels from 0.18 kW to 200 kW, with speeds ranging from 3,000, to 1,500, to 1,000 rpm. The “D” type design guarantees a high IP rating and corrosion resistance, ideal for harsh conditions in Zones 1 and 2, Area II.

High level of reliability

These motors are not only explosion-proof, but also built to ensure durability. Designed for long-term performance with minimal maintenance requirements, these motors significantly increase machine and plant availability, making them a reliable choice when it comes to critical systems for which continuity is key.

Flexible configuration options

We supply ATEX motors with extensive customization options, such as encoders, special voltage/frequency levels and advanced cooling options, as well as customizable mountings and protection measures to meet specific industrial needs.

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BEGE offers high-quality, powerful IE3 and IE4 three-phase asynchronous motors, including ATEX, options and customization.