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BEGE in the Solids Processing magazine

Solids Processing, the trade magazine for the bulk solids sector, interviewed BEGE about the MIG encoder.

Solids Processing is the leading magazine for industrial processing and the handling of dry substances and bulk goods in Benelux. This journal offers news, solution-oriented practical stories, interviews, technical information and company reports for and about the processing of bulk and solids.

At the end of 2018, the magazine interviewed Coen Paulides, Head of Sales International at BEGE, about the innovative MIG encoder and how it can improve the degree of precision of processes in the bulk industry. Some interesting passages from the article:

High quality

“Regular encoders are very precise, but vulnerable in industrial environments because they cannot be installed between the electric motor and gearbox. The existing encoders that are suitable for intermediate mounting do not provide high precision. The BEGE encoder is compact, because it can be installed as a flange in standard IEC sizes between the electric motor and gearbox. It therefore has a flexible fitting and offers high precision. The MIG encoder thereby combines the best of both types of encoders.”

High IP rating

“Last but not least – and not least for the bulk material sector – the MIG encoder has a high IP rating. It is IP67 certified, which means that it is absolutely dustproof and fully waterproof. Because the housing is completely sealed, dirt is
not able to accumulate. Our encoder is therefore interference-free and dust- and waterproof. This is also a prerequisite for applications in hygienic environments in connection with cleaning”.

Full article

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